3 Essentials For Starting Your Creative Business

3 Essentials For Starting Your Business at goldenlightstartup.com/blog

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Here’s to you and following your gut to take the leap and do the damn thing. Deciding to embark on a journey that you are creating as you go really is half the battle, which after you are done celebrating may leave you thinking, what now?

Well, if you are a planner or just really love to make a good to-do list then I got the perfect one for you to keep you motivated, committed, and as a bonus provide you with peace of mind.

So, you want to start a creative business huh? Well, let’s start with the 3 most essential things that will layout the prime foundation for your brand new endeavor. Ready?

The purpose or in the traditional biz world also referred to as objectives. But, here at GLS, we are all about doing things with the utmost intention, really put some feeling into it, you know?

3 essentials to start your creative business at goldenlightstartup.com/blog

1. Purpose Statement

Okay, so what’s the purpose? Now, this isn’t directed to your personal life purpose rather the purpose of this business that you want to bring to life. Although, as the founder, creator, and leader of this business your purpose will and should be sprinkled into the purpose of your business.

Here’s an example:

Say you have decided to become a freelance engagement and wedding elopement photographer.


To travel the world all the while perfecting your craft of photography. Also, you identify as a hopeless romantic and love to capture emotion through your lens.


To help adventurous couples who want to zone in on what matters the most on their special day, their true love. Plus, you’ll have limitless locations to travel and capture these special moments.

So, now that we are clear on the purpose of your business, let’s zone in on the mission.

2. Mission Statement

The mission of your business should be clear, concise, and tell others the end result of your offer.

Really, it should be a 1-2 short sentences letting your ideal audience know the what, the who, and the how.

Full transparency here, this is one that takes a while to really get just right. Not because you may not know what you are on a mission to do and how you want to help others through your offer. It just takes a bit to craft because you want the wording to be clear and appealing.

Keep in mind that if your ideal customer wants to work with you but isn’t sure about how you can help, they might keep searching. No pressure, just do your homework and start with your best foot forward.

Here are some questions to get you brainstorming before drafting up some mission statements.

  • What is your business offering for your ideal client?

  • Who is this ideal client and what makes them ‘ideal’?

  • How will you be delivering a solution for this ideal client via your offer/business?

Shall we continue with our previous example to answer the questions above?

  1. What: Photography services for elopements anywhere in the world.

  2. Who: Couples who thrive on adventure and being out in nature.

  3. How: Traveling to the destination whether a mountain, dessert, beach cliff or anywhere else of the couples choosing and capturing their special day.

Alrighty, so we have chatted about the purpose and mission of your new creative biz, now let’s take it up one more level.

3. Vision Statement

First off, hats to you, you visionary. In order to come up with a unique idea, brand, etc. that is specific to an ideal audience it truly takes lots of envisioning.

With that being said, we must remember that if we want to build a model that is sustainable and scaleable we must think and plan for the long-term.

Not live in the long-term plan. Just have a north star to guide you as time progresses. And that is exactly what your vision statement is. Your big game plan for the future.

Here are some questions to get you brainstorming:

  • How do I plan to expand my business?

  • Are there other avenues in which I can monetize?

  • Would growing my team, enable me to take on more clients?

You know the drill, let’s continue with our elopement photographer example and dream up some answers to the above:

  • I can add engagement photo services in addition to my existing elopement package.

  • I can create editing presets and offer to my audience and help them level up their photo editing game!

  • I can hire someone to help me schedule exploration calls, photo sessions and free up my time to focus on shooting more sessions and editing.

Three essential statements that you must be clear on before you let your new endeavor out into the world. Boom!

See, these make up the basics of a business plan.

Why? Because they give direction for all parties involved. You as the creator and your audience as a potential client.

If you have these three ideals clear, you will always have them to refer back to when things get a little overwhelming. When you do, you’re back it in, I promise.

Of course, as time goes on, as you evolve your business will as well and therefore these three statements. Just keep an eye out, and update them whenever needed to fit your current phase.


So, did you come up with any answers for the following prompts? If so, share them down below!


You've got this.


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Golden Light Startup by Yasmin Vasquez
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