3 Mental Blocks That Keep Holding You Back

How to finally let go, stop playing small, and let the magic guide you to your dream life!

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We all have our very own version of what our dream life looks like, right?

Naturally, this leads us to think about what will help us get there and create the goals that will serve as the building blocks for our vision.

Now, the question is, what happens when our momentum abruptly plateaus the moment we hit some sort of roadblock?

Do we give up, or do we keep going?

Keep going, why, of course!

Or at least, we tell ourselves at times all the while doing the direct opposite. Why even is that?

Simple, although we can find ourselves jumping over the external hurdles with no problem when it comes to those internal mindset blocks—it may prove to be way more difficult than we could have ever imagined.

See, whatever your depiction of your dream life looks like, just you know, keep an eye out for 3 of the most common mindset blocks that may show up and keep you stagnant. Worse even —

Keep you from feeling worthy of going for your true desires in all different facets of your life.

Do not worry, like most things, it all starts with self-awareness and the will to overcome them and do what it is that you want to do.

Cool, so what is the first mental block you should look out for? Glad you asked, keep on reading.

3 mental blocks keep that keep you playing small and how to overcome them at goldenlightstartup.com/blog

Mental Block #1: Perfectionism

Be honest, are you all that surprised?

Based on my own life experience, conversations with others, and research, perfectionism is one of the most crippling and paralyzing things that we as humans can let take the wheel in our everyday life.

Especially, if you are a creative type, and want to focus on showcasing your best work to the world!

Granted, it is an amazing sentiment, but is this helping you move forward or rather, keeping you from moving at all?

Before we dive into a fix for this unwelcome mental and creative block, what exactly is perfectionism?

As defined by Psychology Today:

Perfectionism is a trait that makes life an endless report card on accomplishments or looks. When healthy, it can be self-motivating and drive you to overcome adversity and achieve success.

When unhealthy, it can be a fast and enduring track to unhappiness.

What makes extreme perfectionism so toxic is that while those in its grip desire success, they are most focused on avoiding failure, resulting in a negative orientation.


Toxic. You caught that right? Perfectionism is toxic.

It enables one to hide behind wanting to have everything right, beautiful, and well perfect when in reality, end up procrastinating because we are afraid. 

Afraid of our work not being good enough, afraid of us not being good enough, afraid of being rejected despite our efforts.

  1. Do you subscribe to the all-or-nothing mindset?

  2. Are you highly critical?

  3. Are you afraid to fail?

  4. Are you a chronic procrastinator?

  5. Are you severely bummed out when you do not meet your goals?

Be honest now, there is no shame to admitting to any of these because the truth is... that we have all been here at some point or another. 

In a specific area of our life, or another.

It all starts with self-awareness and continues with the will and commitment to value yourself, your ideas, and your work and just get out there by taking action.

Because as cliche as it sounds, nothing and no one in this world are perfect.

So, why continue obsessing over it? Instead, try this:

Embrace that things, in fact, will suck to a certain extent when you first start.

So, turn your focus onto the excitement of being a beginner, getting out of your comfort zone, and learning something new.

Focus on how awesome it is that you are bettering yourself by challenging yourself, and will continue to grow your skill, expertise, and knowledge as time goes on rather than being stuck in that same moment.

Alrighty, if you are or aren’t a perfectionist, are you possibly also an over thinker?

Mental Block #2: Overthinking

Oh yes, the classic and very real, mental block that will do major damage in a matter of minutes, if we let it.

Over-analyzing, or “just being logical” about things as we can try to cover it up as, is beyond detrimental.

Not only does it trigger anxious thoughts but also stifles our creativity.

See creativity is all about being in flow and letting your intuition lead… not being over-analytical about every tiny detail.

Right brain vs. left brain right?

Now, as a marketer that is all about doing things with intention, and in a strategic matter it might sound contradicting but hear me out.

Everything has a place and a time where appropriate, would you agree?

When deciding, when, and where to showcase creative work, reaching out and meeting new people, or whether you have enough bandwidth to take on new projects thinking about it logically is crucial.

Yet these are all examples of making decisions. Not creating them.

When creating this post, for example, I decided on what topic I wanted to write about yet, let my creativity and intuition get me and keep me in the flow of the building parts of this post.

Although being strategic and having a plan is necessary, and also enhances confidence about what you are creating and/or offering to others, it is nothing more than our north star. Our guide.

The steps needed to get us there, the movement, and the part of actually doing the work, requires doing the work. Taking action — not going around in circles about how exactly we are going to do just that.

So, how do we get into a flow and stop overthinking every single detail before we have taken even just one step forward?

By turning off your brain and turning on your gut.

Notice what helps you relax, notice what gets you so engaged in your tasks that you don’t even know what is going on around you.

Try new things and if they don’t work, then pivot. Don’t stop and ponder for days on why it’s not working, rather brainstorm on how you can improve and make things flow with a lot more ease.

No matter what, say no to the hamster wheel of thoughts, get moving, and never give up.

Okay, so happens when you have identified the blocks, have released the control, have gotten into a flow, and still, nothing seems to be working?

Mental Block #3: Impatience

Oof, did you feel that one? Because I sure did.

Being 100% honest here, I have always been a very impatient person. Yup, I admit it. Not proud of it but, it’s true and let me tell you…

It has brought so much unnecessary drama and issues into my life. 

If you are also impatient, please take this as a sign, and commit to making a change.

Impatience brings nothing but unwanted anxiety, jealousy, lack of self-worth, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Impatience is the true seed of weeds such as comparing oneself to others, believing that no matter what we do it’s never good enough, and of setting unbelievably unrealistic expectations of ourselves and even worse—of others.

Impatience also makes you unhappy.

Unhappy with what you have, unhappy with what you have accomplished in the past, unhappy with all of the evident progress you are currently making.

Let’s be real, impatience… makes you ungrateful.

Impatience is the root of perfectionism, overthinking, and who even knows what else.

Everything good, authentic, and meant for you takes time. All the good things that are worth it, take time.

The ultimate fix for this detrimental mental block?


Keep listening to your intuition and trust yourself and the steps you are consistently taking to obtain the results your dreams are made of.

So let’s stop thinking thoughts of self-entitlement, put our head down, get to work, and faith that things will happen and flourish when the time is right. Deal?

One last thing, no matter how much we feel stuck in our progress, succumbed by our doubts, and creatively blocked… There is always some way to overcome challenges.

Because that’s what these blocks are—challenges.

All mental blocks are… are challenges.


It doesn’t mean that you are weak, it means that you care.

Like really and truly care about putting your best foot forward, doing your best, and helping others to the best of our abilities.

That my friend is not a weakness. That my friend…

Is all strength.


So, don’t be afraid to dream, don’t be afraid to fail, don't be afraid to scratch everything and start over, because…

this means that you are taking control of your life and that you are living with intention.

Make the mistakes, make the pivots, and know that these will all be stories and lessons that will empower you the next time you come across a challenge.

Don’t ever let anyone or anything hold you back from creating the life and career you daydream about—not even yourself.

In a nutshell:

  • Stop letting these 3 mental blocks hold you back in life and in your career.

  • Perfectionism is toxic, learn why and how to overcome it.

  • Overthinking will keep you stagnant, committing to keep on moving beyond it is key.

  • If you are impatient, let’s work on that. Remember that all good things take time.


What is your biggest mental block, and what will you do starting today to overcome it?


You've got this.


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Golden Light Startup by Yasmin Vasquez

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