3 Simple Ways to Keep Organized

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Healthy productivity and increased downtime is the goal. Right?

Ah, productivity. What in essence is: a positive mindset, habit, even lifestyle, has lost a bit of its glam the more that it gets talked about during the age where personal development became cool. From hustling 24/7 to time blocking, habit building, project management software, and more, the options to get organized are virtually endless. 

Over the last few years, what was a topic that only a few of us seemed to enjoy and learn about became not only a hot topic, but one where most became keen to share what has worked, no longer works, and currently works for them. Yup, we have gone down that YouTube rabbit hole too.

Listen, we get it. There’s an abundance of tips, tricks, tools, mindsets, and so much more to help get a hold of our schedules, lives, and really—ourselves. And because we know that you aren’t here for another set of top 20 tips on how to get your sh** together, let’s keep it simple with only our top three.

Our very tried and true at that.

1. Writing Down our Goals

    How about we start with the big picture and reverse engineer from there?
    • Brainstorm your 1-3 big yearly goals.
    • Now, break those down into smaller goals to work on every month.
    • What are a few things you can accomplish each week throughout that month?

    2. Prioritizing our Tasks

    First things first, let’s get yesterday and tomorrow out of our minds. Let’s focus on today.

    If we could only get three tasks done today that help us accomplish our weekly goal, what would those be?

    List them out, and if it’s with pen and paper, even better. It helps us learn more effectively and remember more.

    3. Managing our Energy

    Take a quick second. How do you feel? Alert and ready to get things done?! 

    Maybe a little sluggish and about ready for a nap?

    Have you eaten? Have you had actual water and not just endless cups of coffee?

    These questions are essential in our every day and the same ones we have no issue with ignoring, for the most part.

    If our minds aren’t awake and ready to go, no matter how much time we sit at our desk and wait for that sudden burst of energy to come and carry us to the finish line just, won’t.

    So, put down the mug, and refill your water bottle. Have an actual meal and well, why not, a snack too. And while you’re at it, take the power nap. We know you want to!

    The moral of the story here, listen to your body, take care of yourself, and make your dreams a reality. Reaching our goals depends on what we choose to do today.

    How else then are we ever supposed to: always seek our light?


    Out of our top 3, which pro-tip was your favorite? Share it down in the comments!


    You've got this.


    Golden Light Startup Blog by Yasmin Vasquez 



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    “Time is non-refundable. Use it with intention.

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    Golden Light Startup by Yasmin Vasquez

     Yasmin Vasquez is the founder and creative director of Golden Light Startup. Her mission is to empower others to always seek their passions live with purpose.

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