End of summer, that time of year that brings so much nostalgia and at the same time excitement for what is to come. A wrap on one chapter and the beginning of another.


Whether you want to record all of your favorite adventures from this past summer or are ready to start planning on what goals to tackle this fall, why not make it a whole themed experience with items from our Golden State of Mind mini collection?

Keep reading to learn what inspired this second installment of our Summer 2021 line!


Q: Paola, what was your main inspiration behind this collection?

A: My main inspiration for designing this collection was the California beach feel, I wanted to create illustrations that reminded me of California during the late august month when summer is wrapping up. The end of summer always brings good stories to tell, and I wanted these illustrations to tell everyone's stories as well.


Q: What are a few of your favorite picks?

A: My favorite designs from the collection are the classic van and the palm trees. I love these two designs as my summer story deals a lot with traveling and finally coming home to the California iconic palm trees. I hope others can find joy in these illustrations and remind them of their summer adventures. 

classic vw van goldenlightstartup.storegold california palm trees on


Q: What does being in a "Golden State of Mind" mean to you?

A: Being in a Golden State of Mind to me means relaxing and looking back on fond memories. California is such a beautiful state with so many scenes and cultures that one can experience any day of the week, especially over the summertime. By the time summer comes to an end, you can hopefully be in a Golden State of Mind with your past experiences no matter where you are. 


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golden state of mind mini collection stickers and notebook


Special thanks to our fellow creative Paola Castro, for designing wavy pieces that give us all the end of summer feels as part of our Summer 2021 line!

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