As we say goodbye to summer we also welcome the season of Harvest. A time of year to reflect on what seeds have been watered throughout the year, what goals have been met, which haven't, and essentially...

What is our plan of action as we approach this final stretch of the year.

Time to transition into a productive flow. Are you ready?

Keep reading for a bit more on what inspired this collection...


Q: What was your main inspiration for designing this collection? 

A: My main inspiration for designing this collection was the feeling I get when Fall begins which is bliss. I love seeing the leaves change colors and the weather get cooler, to me it represents a new chapter in the year. When Fall begins I know I have to head back to school and continue going strong however it also brings a feeling of peace as my day to days becomes interwoven.
Q: What are a few of your favorite design picks from this collection?
A: My favorite designs from this collection are the circle outline with flowers as well as the bouquet of flowers. I chose these designs specifically because these flowers remind me of the fall time once the foliage around me begin to change colors.

red floral fall season foliage Golden Light Startupcolorful fall floral bouquet Golden Light Startup


Q: What does the fall/harvest season mean to you?

A: The Fall season to me means interwoven days brought along with celebratory holidays to come. I love the fall time as it brings new events to look forward to as well as times for gathering with loved ones. 


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harvest season fall collection Golden Light Startup


Special thanks to our fellow creative Paola Castro, for designing such cozy and colorful statement pieces as part of our End of Summer 2021 line!

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