GLS x Paola Castro: Tropical Paradise

An opportunity for growth starts with one thought, one idea. A collection inspired by tropical foliage, florals, and that special feeling that only adventure can provide.

Whether it's going to a tropical destination, or a deep dive into your mind to foster new creative ideas, escape with us to this Tropical Paradise.

Keep reading for a bit more on what inspired this collection...


Q: Paola, what was your main inspiration behind this collection?

A: My main inspiration for designing this collection was the feelings of adventure and fun. When I think of the tropics I think of vacationing and how it's a time to have fun and explore the beauty of different cities. I was drawn to the unique foliage I have seen before in tropical regions and I knew they had the be statement pieces in this collection. 


Q: What are a few of your favorite picks?

A: My favorite designs from this collection would have to be these two flowers. I wanted to incorporate beautiful flowers that bloom and thrive in tropical climates. With these designs, I hope to express the nature of blossoming and how it can spark creativity. 

Tropical Paradise Stationery Collection - Golden Light StartupTropical Paradise Yellow Stationery Collection - Golden Light Startup


Q: Last but not leas, what is your dream tropical destination?

A: My dream tropical destination is Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I grew up traveling and adventuring in different states and countries and I have to say Punta Cana is one of the cities I would love to visit. From what I have heard the food is amazing, the beaches are paradise-like and the culture is vibrant. 


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Tropical Paradise Collection - Golden Light


Special thanks to our fellow creative Paola Castro, for designing such fun and vibrant statement pieces as part of our Summer 2021 line!

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