Golden State of Mind

An endless summer, what most of us may wish for.

A time filled with cloudless skies and abundant sunshine.

A time filled with creating memories with friends over beach days and picnics.

A time meant for us to unwind, to slow down, to take in life.

Even if just for a moment longer.

To somehow hit pause on our daily routine and choose to move with greater intention.

To find times of stillness in our day and listen to what our minds want and bodies need.

To create joyous moments with things that bring us passion and people who bring us comfort.

A pocket of time that we patiently wait for, for its liveliness yet never seems to last.

An endless summer. One filled with longer days, warmer nights, and eternal sunshine.

sandy ocean shore with golden state of mind written across it in script text

As the good times in life, most of us keep hope for an endless summer. 

Hypothetically, an endless moment of good fortune and ease. Of flow. So much so that we might even find ourselves wishing to fast forward to next summer. Although, here’s the key thing to remember:

Every season serves its purpose.

Until then, it is up to us to harness the courage and grace to keep moving through times of harvest and even the darkest of winters. To use these times to uncover our distinct ways to embrace our natural rhythm in tandem with the flow of our lives.

It begins with our mindset and carries on with reasoned choice. For us, this is what it means to carry on with a Golden State of Mind.

What does it mean for you?


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