Live Your Life Like It’s Day 7

What it means and how this mindset can drastically improve your life. 

A unique approach to a fresh start mindset to improve your life.

Let's take it back to January 2018 at Lake Arrowhead, California.


I see your “Live life to the fullest” and raise you “Live like it’s Day 7”. 

Just kidding, not trying to promote gambling or anything of the sort, just thought that it would a funny way to grab your attention.

Now that I do hopefully let’s talk all about Day 7. Such as, what does it even mean, and more importantly how and why you should implement it in your own life, for the better.

Day 7, what I personally describe as a mindset, and one that definitely has come in handy more than once in the last few years.

A mindset that gives me the permission I sometimes feel like I need in order to start again, and know that it’s completely okay to do so. Because as much as we like to read about how we do not need permission to do anything in life, let’s be real here… sometimes we do.

Most of the time, maybe 9/10 times it needs to come from ourselves.

Anyway, at first glance, Day 7 might sound like a “fresh start” mindset because a week has seven days and once Sunday is over, we start back up again.

Sure, but (like most things) for me, it’s deeper than that.

Let me tell you why.

How to balance dreaming and doing and achieve your goals.

First, let me paint you a beautiful picture.

It was early January of 2018, and the air was filled with that “new year, new me” vibe.

Well, really it was cold and cloudy and kind of groggy because it was actually raining in Los Angeles for once.

Nonetheless, we were making our way up to Lake Arrowhead to enjoy a six-day stay at a few beautiful cabins surrounded by snow and yes, all cozy winter vibes.

Who’s we and why exactly is this important?

Well, if you’re into leadership at all and a leadership retreat opportunity comes up, you will probably feel very inclined to not only apply but anxiously await that acceptance email.

So yes, the “we” in this story is a group of college students heading up to a six-day retreat to learn all about leadership and how to become a better version of one. And yes, it snowed, and were excited because again, Los Angeles.

Anyway, on the sixth and last day of the retreat, we came together where we were given one last lesson. In my opinion, a mission really and one that to this day I think about and try to instill when and where I can.

Both in my life and that of others, if it’s cool with them of course.

That mission is… you guessed it! Day 7.

Day 7 was described as returning back to our daily and normal life. Of course, as a new and improved version of ourselves.

As a leader.

A leader within our own lives and one that would choose to continue leading by example and hopefully inspire those around us to do the same.

The ripple effect if you will.

The Day 7 mindset essentially is one of a fresh start.

One that is meant to serve as a reminder that no matter what has happened in the six days of living in seclusion, of going inward, of facing things about yourself that you might not be crazy about, of maybe focusing too much on others and not enough on yourself, even of dedicating loads of time into learning and improving… there will be a day 7.

Meaning, there will come a day that you will have to see the good and the bad for what it is, prioritize what you will choose to take with you, and… start again.

Start again from a place of confidence, of growth, and of purpose.

Which to me is the most essential piece of the puzzle.

How Day 7 has improved my life as of recent.

Now if you’re new here (welcome!) let me tell you a bit about the Golden Light Startup history.

A little over a year ago I took a chance on myself and began freelancing.

As a result, Golden Light Startup was essentially a boutique agency where I would work with clients 1:1 to help them strategize for their brands in what areas they could focus on in order to grow.

Of course, if you have experience in freelancing, especially in marketing, you know that when you know you are more than willing to take on projects in other services as well.

Anything from copywriting, web design, social media strategy, and even eCommerce strategy I said yes to.

Which I do not regret, but also open up the door for lots of overwhelm.

It was a great learning experience, one that led me to hone in on my skills, improve them, and most importantly make very clear what I was not only best at but what I actually enjoyed doing the most.

Yet, the overwhelm got to be a bit much. Feeling like I needed to go in so many directions in order to have clients and feel like my business was working.

Needing to make a change, I resorted to the Day 7 mindset.

I took a look at what I loved most about my field, what I felt like I was strongest at, and also what I would love to improve on and began brainstorming.

As you can now see, Golden Light Startup 2.0 was born.

I love creating and motivating through stories. 

Specifically writing but also really enjoy getting better at the art of designing. And well taking into account my addiction to stationery and office supplies (people who know me well, know this trust me), this online shop was born.

Being someone who has dealt with massive amounts of self-doubt, comparison-itis, and well feeling a little lost for a long time, creating this shop and spreading a message through it has been something that has sparked a lot of purpose within and just brought back a lot of joy.

As cheesy as that sounds.

All this to say, that no matter whether you are dealing with overwhelm in your personal life, in your professional life, or simply battling with staying balanced due to all the craziness out in the world right now.

It’s not the end.

You can and should always start again. As this new version of you that is stronger, wiser, and hopefully kinder towards yourself.

You just have to give yourself permission to do so.

In a nutshell:

  • What in the world does Day 7 mean and why should you care?
  • Essentially it’s a “fresh start” mindset but with a very deep meaning, you know?
  • A snowy winter week + leadership retreat = how I learned about this mindset and it’s definitely been for the better.
  • Never be afraid to giving yourself the green light to starting fresh. It’s an essential piece to the puzzle of self-growth.

So, will you be implementing this mindset for yourself moving forward? Have you had to go back to the drawing board in the past? Let’s chat about it!

You've got this.

Golden Light Startup Blog by Yasmin Vasquez

Special shoutout to LeaderShape Institute (and my LeaderShape fam) for one of the best experiences of my life!


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“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness."

-Brené Brown




Golden Light Startup by Yasmin Vasquez

 Yasmin Vasquez is the founder and creative director of Golden Light Startup. Her mission is to empower others to always seek their passions live with purpose.


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