The Power in Being Present

 The Power in being present at

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Picture this:
Sitting on the sand, looking out to the oceanfront thinking about the seemingly never-ending waves come in.

Paints a calm and peaceful scene right?

Alrighty, so let’s be real, this mental image (or possible meditation) might probably only last about a minute and then your mind would get swept away once more by the never-ending thoughts of your everyday life.

Now picture this same scenario occurring once more but with an added on element—intention.

What’s the purpose of this mental image?

What feelings is one trying to invoke?

See, intention can reveal itself in the form of, mindfulness, gratitude, or simple awareness. Ah, awareness. This is what would be best suited for our imaginary beach.

Let’s try this one more time:

Sitting on the sand, looking out into the ocean but being fully aware of the texture and even the temperature of the sand, the way the water sounds and glistens under the sunlight, and even the salty scent and feel of the breeze gracing our skin.

A totally different perspective, right?

What made us take on a different perspective was simply taking a moment, and being more aware of our surroundings and really, of all the elements within it. Aka simply… being present.

And quite honestly, making a conscious effort to be more present in the lives we are living—lives that are ours is not just super simple to begin acting on but more importantly, it can make a world of a difference within ourselves and the creation of a life that we are truly fulfilled with.

Cool, but why is it so essential and how can we start? Glad you asked.

The power in being present at

To Live with Intention Means to Live Empowered

To become empowered you have to start here. Right here, where you are now.

Don't overthink the past or future and simply, be. This is where the focus, the resources, and frankly your gut will begin leading you to where you need to go next.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Live in the now because tomorrow isn’t promised.”?

This pretty much sums up the importance of actually living where you find yourself this very second.

Granted, this isn’t to say that we should try our very best to forget about our past or try our very hardest to not think about the future. Because we totally should. It’s our driving force.

What we should be more actively conscious of though, is how much time and energy we are dedicating to each of these time-lapses.

Our past may mean lots of amazing memories, experiences, and people. It may also mean struggles, challenges, and even some regret.

What we have to realize though, is that our past will always hold us back— if we let it. Instead, we need to make amends with it, learn the lessons, cherish the memories and avoid at all costs getting stuck. It’s all about moving forward.

Which speaking of, brings us to sometimes be a little too forward-thinking. Yes, it really can be detrimental at times. Off the bat, I’ll admit, I’m definitely guilty of doing this.

When you have dreams, goals, aspirations, whatever or maybe you’re present is just not what you would like it to be — it can serve as an escape. And this my friend, is where practicing gratitude comes to save the day.



Planning, thinking about and being so wrapped in the future may at times do us more harm than good and here’s why.

We miss out.

We miss out on all the good that’s happening to us right now, all the people in our lives and the experiences that we can take part in to look back on later as beautiful memories. But when we are living in a time or moment that hasn’t even happened yet… well is that really the type of every day we wish to create?

Most importantly, being so wrapped up in ‘what will/is supposed to happen’ can cause us to feel anxious, insecure, and cultivate fear for the unknown to some sort of extent. So if this is you, (Hi, welcome to the club!) then pause.

Take a moment to realize and be grateful for all the amazing things we have and just trust that everything will work out. Know, actually no, scratch that. BELIEVE that you are doing the best you can and that every step (no matter how freaking tiny) you take serves as a building block.

I mean there are really only two options here:

1. Take a step and feel like a badass that you’re taking legitimate action.


2. Just think and plan and organize every little detail to only find that your thoughts are always jumbled up and that whatever it is you’re trying to take a step to… feels light-years away.

You see, by being present and connected with our current atmosphere and actions we can become assured that it will lead us to where we need to be.

After all, we evolve daily even if we don’t realize so why cheat ourselves of what can become cool stories to look back on? So yeah, envision what your dream life looks like and what it is made up of but don’t get sucked into a black hole rather than to be excited about it.

Say Bye to All the Negative Vibes.

The best way to feeling empowered is to feel happy with who you are, what you represent, and what you are striving for. But how in the world can we feel like our true and confident selves if we are still holding on to any type of negativity?

Easier said than done, trust me I know. So again, this is why making a conscious effort to be present and figure out a game plan to beat negativity is vital.

Unfortunately, negativity can manifest itself in the form of thoughts, feelings, relationships, and energy. It can sit in the back of our minds taunting us or completely consume us. It’s difficult, it really is to deal with it and beat it, but man is it absolutely rewarding when we strip ourselves from it.

Letting go of all that has or is still holding us back from being happy, from being healthy, or from living the life we want to live begins with finding the power that we hold within. That power that gets us through the challenges, the insecurities, and all the what-ifs.

What if we don’t succeed?

But what if we do?

What if we never feel confident, or complete?

What if we never find love or fulfillment?


Oh, but what if we do?

The thing we must keep in mind is that by being anywhere but present and connected internally we are not only keeping others from what we have to give—but also ourselves.

So, no matter how long it takes or how many times we have to get back up and dust ourselves off know this: Others have done it and you will too.


Just be truthful, grateful, and keep it positive.

You've got this.


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Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.

-Eckhart Tolle





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